HarvardWIT:  Mentoring Program for Women in Technology

Project: HarvardWIT:  Mentoring Program for Women in Technology


Team: Deirdre Schreiber, Sandy Silk, Alexis Stokes, Donna Tremonte

Schools/Units Represented: FAS, HBS, HKS, HHR, HUIT, SEAS, OPP

Mission: The fundamental goal of the HarvardWIT mentoring program is to increase the retention and promotion of women in IT roles across Harvard, providing more gender diversity to this staff population. A secondary benefit will be increased volume and placement of new women-identifying applicants into Harvard IT roles.

This program will be offered to women across all parts of Harvard, including affiliates and trades groups, who identify themselves as holding roles in which IT skills/work are a critical component and intending to pursue an IT-related career. This broad audience may not be eligible for professional development programs within their own groups, particularly if they are not managers or if they are below a certain grade level. We will be able to match mentees and mentors across organizational boundaries.