Clever Chemical

Project Name: Clever Chemical

Team: Kathryn Kaminski, Kevin Wnek, Greg Brady

Schools and Units Represented: CADM-Campus Services, T.H. Chan School of Public Health, SEAS, FAS, HUIT, FAD, CS EHS, OFS

Mission: This pilot will answer the following question and build momentum to implement a solution and/or integrate the solution with our existing static inventory/door placarding system. “What chemical inventory management technology will provide the best combination of operational efficiency, safety, compliance, sustainability and benefit to university stakeholders, and how should such a system be implemented?” This is important to researchers, support staff, EHS, OFS, strategic procurement, and IT. The benefit of this project is building a foundation to implement a dynamic chemical inventory and lab door placarding system that can reduce costs, save time, promote energy efficiency, and improve safety and compliance.