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Since 2016, staff throughout the University have used the President’s Administrative Innovation Fund to create connections across schools and units, develop new approaches to persistent challenges, and advance excellence in areas such as academic administration, service delivery, and talent development.

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Projects Funded

  • The Harvard Votes Challenge seeks to empower voters and create a civic culture at Harvard University. PAIF provided meaningful support to incubate an institutional movement, where we all  have a role in our democracy.

    Teresa Acuña

    Ash Center, Harvard Kennedy School

    Harvard Votes Challenge: Building a University-Wide Civic Culture
  • A lot of hard work went into this project but we had a great dedicated team. We learned a lot and developed an incredible system. The upfront work is paying off. The use of RFID technology is moving us toward a much faster and more accurate inventory process. 

    Jeff DiCiaccio

    Harvard Medical School

    Project: Captial Assets
  • PAIF projects seem to get more University visibility and support. Our PAIF advisors also provide the team with great advice and direction. 

    Jeff DiCiaccio

    Harvard Medical School

    Project: Captial Assets

Project Highlights

DIB (Diversity Inclusion & Belonging) Conference

A yearly conference to share work and build networks.

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