Project: #consciousharvard


Team: Belynda Bady, Julie Crites, Barbara Nobles Crawford, Chelsey Platt, Vicky Schubert, Kristen Scott, Teori Shaw-Boyce


Schools/Units Represented:  CADM, Campus Services – Common Spaces, Global Support Services, HHR


Mission: We plan to create an interactive exhibition in a public space that invites all members of the community to offer their perspective about their own experience of Belonging at Harvard. 


The mission of our project is to contribute to university-wide efforts to increase awareness of inclusion and belonging through the use of physical and virtual open space.We believe that through a community-authored public wall, live facilitated conversation, and an online forum, the entire University will have an opportunity to be heard. In addition, the benefit of individual participation ensures that the individual becomes more aware of their own role in negating or creating an inclusive environment. #consciousharvard will move the needle from good intentions to impactful results by engaging a broad crosssection of the community in addressing this need in a creative way.

Dowload and read the #ConsciousHarvard Report which draws on data collected from 2018 to 2020 that exposed raw emotions. It details the #consciousharvard research methods, findings, and recommendations.

harvard_consciousreport_digital.pdf8.48 MB