Employee Resource Group Capacity Building and Expansion

Project: Employee Resource Group Capacity Building and Expansion


Team: Sandeep Basnet, Surabhi Chatterjee, Adriana Gallegos, Jessica Halem, Andrea Kelton-Harris, Erin Holder, Josephine Kim, Shelly Lowe,Pamela Mason, Robert Mitchell, Margaret Okada-Scheck, Kimberly A. Truong, Deborah Valdovinos, Mark Vassar


Schools/Units Represented: FAS, HGSE, HHR, HMS, HSDM, HSPH, HUIT, HUNAP, RIAS

Mission: The Employee Resource Groups for Harvard faculty and staff plan to meaningfully expand outreach efforts to provide opportunities to hundreds of current and future Harvard employees University-wide.

ERG initiatives and programming serve not only as professional development avenues for minority groups but also uphold provisions of advocacy, engagement, and cultural insight. The mission of the collective ERGs is to:

  • Educate, raise awareness, and share information about issues that affect historically marginalized communities;
  • Provide professional development, networking, and cultural appreciation opportunities;
  • Improve diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging; and
  • Offer a forum in which staff/community concerns can be made known to the University.