The Future of Work: Serving Two Campuses at SEAS

Project: The Future of Work: Serving Two Campuses at SEAS and Beyond

Team: Anas Chalah, Ashley Howard-Malt, Elaine Kristant, Leonardo Gomez, Melissa Hancock, Nishant Sule, Rachel DeLucas, Salma Abu Ayyash

Mission: We will create a process for designing, developing, and deploying Active Learning Kits to engage with students on both SEAS campuses in Cambridge and Allston. The Active Learning Kits will allow hands-on learning activities to be performed remotely, thereby reducing the need for commuting between our campuses. We aim to identify or build common hands-on components, design tools, and or useful software that would act as universal building blocks for a wide range of educational use. Our long-term goal is to create a process that is transferable to other schools and departments outside of SEAS, for serving the broader Harvard teaching community in the future.