Harvard Campus Lactation Rooms: Enhance Access – Expand Capacity

Project: Harvard Campus Lactation Rooms: Enhance Access – Expand Capacity

Team: Natalie Beaumont-Smit, Sarah Bennett-Astesano, Jacqueline Yun

School/Units Represented: CADM, GSAS 


  • Access to private, secure, comfortable rooms for all nursing parents to continue balancing their breastfeeding and working schedules is a goal that Harvard encourages.
  • We want to build upon the existing network of campus lactation rooms and partner with and educate local stakeholders about expanding capacity while improving the user experience in accessing rooms across campus.

Nursing faculty, staff, and student parents deserve a system of formal lactation rooms that they can access easily as they move across campus which are not created as an afterthought but rather part of a cohesive strategy across school facilities