Harvard College Central Calendar: Creating Cyber Connections and Community

Project: Harvard College Central Calendar: Creating Cyber Connections and Community

Team: Alixandra Nozzolillo, Christine Boehler, Kaitlyn Santa Lucia, Lauren Diamond, Eliza Grinnell, Susan Forrest, Michael Perry, Alicia Anstead, Gabriel Caro, Kenton Doyle, Andrew Sonnenschein, Noah Shelsby, Timothy Williamson, Andrea Lapointe, Kendra Butters and Zachary Wang

Schools/Units Represented: FAS, Harvard College, Registrar and Dean of Students Office, SEAS, HUHS, Arts, HWP, HUIT, Athletics, HPAC and Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching


We seek to create a Harvard College Central Calendar as a unified, interactive resource with key dates and events across Harvard for undergraduate students. The Central Calendar aims to improve and streamline the experience of undergraduates, enhance administrative processes around calendars, encourage greater collaboration in our shared interests and strengths across siloed entities, as well as connect many people across the College and the Harvard University community more broadly. We will accomplish this with an innovative platform and process.

Benefits include the opportunity to foster a greater sense of inclusion and belonging, build new friendships, explore new cultures and experiences, create a virtual environment for equal access to events, as well as empower both the event holder and potential participants with a robust foundation to find each other. Technologically, incorporated analytics tools will inform programing that better evolves to meet the needs of undergraduates, and allocates resources more efficiently. With an ever-increasing number of buildings, programs, and functions, the Central Calendar will bring us together in one virtual location despite physical distance and changes surrounding us.