Harvard Health Innovation Network (HHIN)

Project: Harvard Health Innovation Network

Team:  Paola Abelllo, Jodi Gernon, Alice Ly, Cara Sterling Harvard Affiliates: Alison Hoffnagle, Brian Mullen


Schools/Units Represented: BCH, BWH, HBS, HMS, MGH, I-Labs, OTD


Mission: The Harvard Health Innovation Network (HHIN) is comprised of 10+ different health care entrepreneurship and innovation organizations across Harvard. The HHIN seeks to lower the barriers to cross-fertilization of ideas in health care. Our goal is to grow our network of participants, develop a clear roadmap of resources across Harvard, develop strong communication channels (e.g., website, newsletter, Twitter handle, LinkedIn group) and host events that bring together researchers, scientists, business people and others across Harvard interested in health care innovation and entrepreneurship.


The benefit is that with a stronger HHIN community, researchers and scientists would save time and effort because there would be a clearer pathway to finding business partners and advisors.  Similarly, people interested in commercialization would have a more streamlined way to explore scientific opportunities.  And, for us administrators who work at the intersection of business and science, we will be able to be more targeted in our networking and programming, resulting in more efficient use of greater leverage from Harvard’s resources.