Harvard HR Policies Access Project (HHR-PAP)

Project: Harvard Human Resources Policies Access Project (HHR-PAP)


Team: Eliza Brown, Kathy Brusgulis, Vittorio Bucchieri, Sarah Demb, Carol Ellerbeck, Mary Fowkes, Skip Kendall, Brian Magner,  Donna Popky, Esther Vegh, Erin Wise, Zachary See


Schools/Units Represented: HBS, HHR, HL, HUIT

Mission: We want to create better access to our policies. We have identified and inventoried 160 policies* across the University. We plan to develop a central online database/library of policies, procedures and guidance to help the community understand what it needs to know about working and managing in the Harvard environment.

The information housed in our policies is critical to working at Harvard. Policies help us align with the University’s mission of teaching and research; they help us understand how to conduct ourselves in the workplace; they guide us in important legal procedure; and they tell us how we can take advantage of the generous benefits we receive.  It is to everyone’s benefit to make this information easy to find and easy to use.