This is How You Say My Name:  Integrating Name Recording into My.Harvard

Project: This is How You Say My Name:  Integrating name recording into my.harvard


Team: Carolyn Brzezinski, Sean Conlon


Schools/Units Represented: HUIT, GSD


Mission: Our intent is to provide students with a simple way to record their name in my.harvard and make the recording available in class rosters and to advisors. This will provide faculty, teaching assistants and advisors with the opportunity to hear the correct pronunciation of the student’s name prior to engaging with the student. The goal, is to make students feel more welcome in the classroom and in meetings with advisors.


Allowing students to record their name brings an element of personalization to the my.harvard application. Standardizing the way in which we record names will make the feature accessible to more students and expand access to name pronunciations beyond commencement.