Cross-University Executive Education Program

Leader: Carol Stuckey
Team: Robyn Champion, Carrie Fletcher, Rena Fonseca, Susan Hackley, Meagan Hall, Stephen Hyde, Debra Isles, Mary Lou Townsend

Project Overview:
While Harvard University has the unique benefit of eight separate professional Schools that each offer innovative executive education programming, there is no current administrative mechanism that leverages the combined advantages of all Schools’ expertise through a program, offering, or series that is truly cross-University. This project will explore this market opportunity and will test learner and faculty receptiveness to a bundled option comprised of existing open-enrollment programs. This option for cross-registration will offer learners an opportunity to achieve a University-level certificate or credential reflecting multiple professional perspectives. Through this pilot, the leadership of executive education across our Schools will take the first step toward a more streamlined process for collaboration.

Project Objectives:
Phase I of this project seeks to achieve the following goals:
• Assess options for and decide on the subject area(s) in which to offer the credential (e.g., “Sustainability”);
• Size the market opportunity and determine how to reach the target markets;
• Develop learning objectives and outcomes for the combined program series and credential;
• Define and obtain requisite approvals for the credential to be offered (e.g., certificate, badge, other);
• Gather faculty input and other appropriate academic and administrative considerations;
• Develop and execute a preliminary marketing plan, including the creation of a website to facilitate cross-registration.

Achievements: The Cross-University Executive Education Program designed the “The Harvard Passport Program”. After assessing the needs and interests of their core demographic the team was able to create a multi-branded executive education certificate that represents a bundle of existing programs currently offered at several Harvard schools. The “Passport Map” guides participants through individual program pathways based on several programs in numerous topic areas.  The program will be highly selective and intends to launch with only 30-50 participants.