Fund Recipients 2016

Launch Analytics Staff Consortium

• Erin Driver-Linn
• Dhairya Dalal, Victoria Liublinska, Ruth Loescher, Grit Pientka, Liam Schwartz, John Scanlon, Albert Wang, Leah Whitehouse, Julie Broad, Grace Goins, Clint Ficula, Kim Salley, Hadas Eidelman, Daniel Seaton, Dustin Tingley, Ana Bard, Mark Seibring, Jennie Staples, Molly Albrecht, Neel Chaudhury, Katie Garland, Daniel Herweg, Paul Meyers, Jonathan Paul, Alec Antell, Amanda McDonell, Beth O’Malley, Jennifer Robinson, Kwok Yu, Erica Bever, Mike Toon, Christian Wangia

Healthier Building Materials

• Heather Henriksen
• John Ullman
• Helen Zdybowicz
• Emil Cuevas-Melendez
• Piers McNaughton
• Colin Durrant
Faculty Advisor:
• Joe Allen
• John Spengler

Project Overview:
A strong and growing body of research from Harvard faculty and other scientists has shown that some of the most effective interventions for enhancing the health, productivity and well-being of people in the built environment is through healthier building materials and products.

Financial Training Initiative

• Amanda McDonnell
• Jennifer Robinson
• Nick Tonelli
• Radha Suraj
• Jennifer Vernaglia
• Beth O’Malley
• Maureen Rekrut
• Maureen Forrester
• Jonathan Paul
• Leslie Schaffer
• Matt Gruber
• Tim Fater

Project Overview:
Create a plan for a comprehensive and sustainable University financial training program for the University community. The accuracy of financial information plays a critical role at the University leading to a need for a comprehensive financial training program.

An Automated Allocation Innovation

• Kiran Gajwani
• Danielle Doyle
• Jeffrey Miron

Project Overview:
Across the University, we face situations where the fundamental challenge is allocating individuals to a limited number of slots based on individuals’ preferences, seniority, prerequisites, concentrations, affiliations, and so on. Our innovation is to create an automated, efficient, and flexible computer tool for these allocation challenges.