Fund Recipients 2016

Launch Analytics Staff Consortium

Leader: Erin Driver-Linn
Team: Victoria Liublinska, Hadas Eidelman, Daniel Seaton, Ana Bard, Mark Seibring, Jennie Staples, Neel Chaudhury, Jonathan Paul, Kwok Yu, Erica Bever, Mike Toon, Alexander Leaf

Project Overview:
An initial group of individuals from eleven offices will pilot an Analytics Staff Consortium (ASC) for Harvard staff whose work involves analytics. ASC will be designed to (1) promote collaboration for a growing and large proportion of staff at a time when tools are improving rapidly and analytic...

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Healthier Building Materials

Leader: Heather Henriksen
Team: John Ullman, Helen Zdybowicz, Emil Cuevas-Melendez
Faculty Advisor: Joe Allen, John Spengler

Project Overview:
A strong and growing body of research from Harvard faculty and other scientists has shown that some of the most effective interventions for enhancing the health, productivity and well-being of people in the built environment is through healthier building materials and products.

Leading companies including Google, Ikea, Kaiser Permanente and Partners...

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Financial Training Initiative

Leader: Amanda McDonnell
Team: Jennifer Robinson, Nick Tonelli, Radha Suraj, Jennifer Vernaglia, Beth O’Malley, Maureen Rekrut, Maureen Forrester, Jonathan Paul, Leslie Schaffer, Matt Gruber, Tim Fater, Courtney Hite, Shaun O'Keeffee

Project Overview:
Create a plan for a comprehensive and sustainable University financial training program for the University community. The accuracy of financial information plays a critical role at the University leading to a need for a comprehensive financial training program.


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Faculty Support Administrators Network

Leader: Pamela Burton
Team: Belynda Blaire Bady, Sarah Elizabeth Champlin-Scharff, Karl Coleman, Deborah R. Gallagher, Jessica A. Gauchel, Krista Lester, Damari Rosado, Matthew B. Turner, Jessica Baroni

Project Overview:
The FSAN aims to contribute to the educational mission of Harvard through sharing knowledge among managers of faculty-support staff, developing best practices for managers and staff, and learning from and sharing with peers. The FSAN acknowledges opportunities for development in the following key areas:...

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Cross-University Executive Education Program

Leader: Carol Stuckey
Team: Robyn Champion, Carrie Fletcher, Rena Fonseca, Susan Hackley, Meagan Hall, Stephen Hyde, Debra Isles, Mary Lou Townsend

Project Overview:
While Harvard University has the unique benefit of eight separate professional Schools that each offer innovative executive education programming, there is no current administrative mechanism that leverages the combined advantages of all Schools’ expertise through a program, offering, or series that is truly cross-University. This project will explore...

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Check-in Safe Abroad

Leader: Lauren Montague
Team: Harry Bastermajian, Carol Ann Litster, Sarah Stoll 

Project Overview:
The team at CMES is seeking to correct the challenge of supporting Harvard international scholarly travel during this time of global uncertainty, by finding ways to rapidly and effectively communicate with travelers in a crisis. Many scholars have interdisciplinary involvement with research and have multiple “homes,” making the responsibility center for their safety unclear. A more efficient way to respond to an...

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Building a Participant Pool for Internal Accessibility Testing

Leader: Amy Deschenes
Team: Vittorio Buchieri, Michele Clopper, Maura Ferrarini, Kris Markman, Kyle Shachmut, Janet Taylor 

Project Overview:
In order to successfully improve Harvard’s broader efforts toward digital accessibility, a greater number of staff members must be engaged in testing and improving technology systems, websites, and other electronic products. Given that some disabilities are low incidence, accessibility testing can be a challenge if the department does not have easy access to staff or...

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An Automated Allocation Innovation

Leader: Kiran Gajwani
Team: Danielle Doyle, Jeffrey Miron

Project Overview:
Across the University, we face situations where the fundamental challenge is allocating individuals to a limited number of slots based on individuals’ preferences, seniority, prerequisites, concentrations, affiliations, and so on. Our innovation is to create an automated, efficient, and flexible computer tool for these allocation challenges.

Examples of allocation challenges at Harvard are: allocating TFs based on TF and...

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21st Century Mailing

Leader: Clint Ficula
Team: Ken Toy, M.J. Kim, Dawnmarie DeAngelo

Project Overview:
Harvard currently receives 100,000+ mail returns per year, which equates to postage fees, staff time to process, and lost opportunity cost with information not reaching intended audiences. This issue costs the University $70,000+ per year. Based on volume and areas of expertise, we will focus our attention on Alumni Affairs & Development to create a system for cleaning address information, for replacing manual returns with electronic...

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