Financial Training Initiative

• Amanda McDonnell
• Jennifer Robinson
• Nick Tonelli
• Radha Suraj
• Jennifer Vernaglia
• Beth O’Malley
• Maureen Rekrut
• Maureen Forrester
• Jonathan Paul
• Leslie Schaffer
• Matt Gruber
• Tim Fater

Project Overview:
Create a plan for a comprehensive and sustainable University financial training program for the University community. The accuracy of financial information plays a critical role at the University leading to a need for a comprehensive financial training program.

Project Objectives:
A cross-University and cross-functional steering group will work to develop training outlines and plans for delivery. This project will leverage the services of CWD to develop a financial training program and will be the first crucial step in launching a financial training program.

Expected Outcomes:
The project will deliver a plan for a financial training program which includes (1) outline of training program tracks and content, (2) development of delivery methods by track, and (3) ownership and governance of program.

Expected Impact:
Ultimately, a financial training program will improve employee financial skills, increase efficiencies in financial management processes, provide reliable financial information for decision making and create consistencies and collaboration across schools and units.