Financial Training Initiative

Leader: Amanda McDonnell
Team: Jennifer Robinson, Nick Tonelli, Radha Suraj, Jennifer Vernaglia, Beth O’Malley, Maureen Rekrut, Maureen Forrester, Jonathan Paul, Leslie Schaffer, Matt Gruber, Tim Fater, Courtney Hite, Shaun O'Keeffee

Project Overview:
Create a plan for a comprehensive and sustainable University financial training program for the University community. The accuracy of financial information plays a critical role at the University leading to a need for a comprehensive financial training program.

Project Objectives:
A cross-University and cross-functional steering group will work to develop training outlines and plans for delivery. This project will leverage the services of CWD to develop a financial training program and will be the first crucial step in launching a financial training program.

Achievements:  The Financial Training Initiative team (FTI) assessed Harvard’s current financial training content and community training needs. The team has designed training tracks and courses within those tracks. FTI plans to meet with financial deans in the fall and have already met with the Chief Financial Officer to discuss resources and continued growth. The team intends to work with the Center for Workplace Development to build upon their design and enhance existing training on the Harvard Training Portal to improve access. With continued investment FTI will be able to fill training gaps with the program being managed by dedicated resources.