Launch Analytics Staff Consortium

Leader: Erin Driver-Linn
Team: Victoria Liublinska, Hadas Eidelman, Daniel Seaton, Ana Bard, Mark Seibring, Jennie Staples, Neel Chaudhury, Jonathan Paul, Kwok Yu, Erica Bever, Mike Toon, Alexander Leaf

Project Overview:
An initial group of individuals from eleven offices will pilot an Analytics Staff Consortium (ASC) for Harvard staff whose work involves analytics. ASC will be designed to (1) promote collaboration for a growing and large proportion of staff at a time when tools are improving rapidly and analytic expertise is critical for decision-making; (2) improve efficiency and quality of analytic functions; and (3) provide professional development opportunities.

Project Objectives:
(1) Develop and refine a “charge” for ASC;
(2) Identify members;
(3) Develop a listserv, a repository of best practices and examples, and a database of data sources, processes, and contact information;
(4) Organize “lightening rounds” to demonstrate the analytic work of different offices;
(5) Organize workshops and training for skills in high demand (likely candidates include “intro to R,” “data visualization,” and “storytelling for decision-makers”).
(6) Hold a retreat at the end of AY16-17 to determine next steps for ASC.

Achievements:  The Analytics Staff Consortium (ASC) team successfully launched a site for members of the ASC community to access a pin-protected forum with a file sharing repository. Based on a survey that assessed the needs of the community, ASC hosted several events designed to garner even more feedback for analysis. ASC designed and hosted analytics office hours to better serve those seeking guidance and information. ASC also developed a beta membership map of the ASC community. At a retreat with the originators of the ASC concept, plans for year two were established.